Mind, Body and Soul Power Team Services

Mind, Body and Soul Power Team Services


Are your records out of control? Is your back out of whack? Want whiter teeth? Want to quit an old habit? Want to eat better? Looking to improve your health and fitness?


We can give you a referral to a wide range of health care professionals, practicing both Western and Eastern medicine. We can get anyone fit, healthy, empowered, and happy:


Jessica Kinkaid

Kinkaid Family Chiropractic, PLLC - Chiropractor

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“Because Quality of Life Means Everything!”
The perfect relief for all of your aches and pains! Our specialty is prenatal chiropractic. Women that are pregnant have many changes that they experience within their bodies on a daily basis. These changes develop rapidly within nine months and can sometimes be overwhelming. Chiropractic care allows these new changes to be integrated into the body with ease. Regular adjustments that create the optimal alignment of the spine and pelvis allow for a more comfortable pregnancy for mom and baby. This alignment of the pelvis also creates the possibility for a decreased labor time, a decreased chance of c section, and an overall healthier pregnancy.


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Cindy Marra

Arbonne International - Health and Wellness

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“You never knew how good you were meant to feel!”
Arbonne is a skin care, health and wellness company. I help people look and feel their very best.


2 Loudon Hts N

Loudonville, NY 12211

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